In ending my Erasmus plus visit to Zagreb, I must once pay tribute to Dragutin Nemec (Dado) for being an extraordinary host. A lawyer, librarian, a scholar, a polyglot ( and a footie fan par excellence) –he was unfailingly cheerful, helpful and informative on the history, culture, legal and library systems of Croatia. I owe him a debt of thanks for arranging such a wide-ranging, and engaging exchange for me.

Here is he is in his native environment.

On Friday, I had a memorable tour with Dado through the building of the law faculty/library and once again was witness to how Zagreb Law Faculty maintains its history while looking steadfastly to the future. Themes of inclusivity and diversity were very present…

….alongside reminders of how things were done in the past. These are depictions of acceptable legal means of torture promulgated by Empress Maria Theresa in the mid 18th century. I can’t confirm whether they were also used on students as punishment for late return of books.The old Deans were certainly imposing figuresDado is currently engaged alongside fellow librarian Marija Tomečak (Maja) in discussions with the Croatian government on the new Croatian libraries law and are campaigning tirelessly to ensure that the position and importance of libraries such as this are recognised by the national authorities. I must also thank Maja for the series of question and answer sessions she undertook with me which certainly made me aware of aspects of the profession and its future development which I was previously unaware of. Therein possibly lies the best  reasons for Erasmus Plus visits such as these- exchanges of best practice and cultural interaction. Zagreb 2019 certainly was all that and more. Vidimo Se Zagreb – See you soon Zagreb.

Statue of St George, Zagreb

With special thanks to Corinne Rees , Exchange & Study Abroad Assistant –Swansea university- for guiding me through the Erasmus process-start to finish.




May 28th, 2019

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