Subject Librarians at both the Bay and Park campuses set up the first of their “Survive and Thrive” pop-ups during the Autumn term last month. As well as promoting the support they can offer students during a busy assignment period, they also invited students to share their own tips. The following come direct from students sharing their advice, not just on how you can survive assignments but also, on how to give yourself the best chance to reach your true potential.

  • “Start Early” – a recurring tip advises starting your assignments/revision as soon as you know what the task is. One student says “it is great to start early and be a “tortoise” or a slow cooker to finish it efficiently”.
  • “Pace yourself…step by step” – Take the time to “Break the task down into daily small tasks and plan your missions”
  • “Food. Music. Warmth.” – Think about where you are studying. Do you need somewhere alone or do you prefer a group? Are your best places to work silent or do you find music helps you focus? Find out what works for you.
  • “Ask for as much help as you can…” – There is a whole network of support out there for you. Your friends, family, librarians, and of course the teaching staff in your college. One lecturer also stopped by the popup and gave the following tip “Always talk to your tutor if you don’t understand the assignment – They won’t bite!”
  • “Do background reading” – A lot of students stressed the importance of reading from different sources to get the best marks possible. Not sure where to find the best sources then “Talk to the librarians”.
  • “Talks on how to use the facilities” – Learning how to write academic essays, find sources, use referencing, manage time…these are all skills that students found invaluable. You only have to learn the skills once and “You will be able to use it every single essay you ever write”.
  • “Remember to take a break when working on assignments” – Looking after yourself has to be a big priority. Take breaks away from your desk for a walk, chat, fresh air, cuppa… whatever you need.
  • “Use lateral thinking” –Make revision more effective by thinking outside the box, use visual or interactive ideas, have fun with it. I love this suggestion for anyone studying anatomy “Use an eyeliner to draw the bones on the body rather than reading bone types in a book”.

Feel free to share your study advice on twitter #SUTopTips.

We hope to make the “Survive and Thrive” popups a regular feature during peak exam and assignment time. But students can get advice from the subject teams any time of year – in person, face to face, online. Check out our Library Guides for all the different ways to contact us.

Good luck with your exams and assignments this term.

January 2nd, 2017

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