Swansea University welcomes you to its new Reading List software:
Ex Libris Leganto

We will continue to use the brand ‘iFind Reading’ to offer Leganto to customers thus ensuring a continuity of service.

We have been able to migrate our prior lists, which means they are ready to go in the new system. The new platform will make it easy and engaging to create, access, and manage course resource lists. Instructors can build, maintain, and share resource lists that include all material types, librarians will receive data from the system to help make purchasing decisions and students can access all course materials in one place and from any device.

Leganto tightly integrates with our Library Management system as well as learning management systems, library content discovery services, citation tools, and other campus systems.

We will notify you of training sessions and drop ins over the summer period. We will also offer extensive online video and text guides to the new service and are happy to deal with any enquiries you have or guidance you need to getting going with Leganto (iFind Reading)

June 8th, 2018

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