The best way to search for any of the resources provided by Swansea University Library is to use iFind, The Library Catalogue (in-depth guide here).

You can access iFind from our Library page;  your MyUni page or by typing into your browser.

To find a book on iFind, all you need to have is the Author’s Surname and a meaningful word (or two) from the Title of the book.

Cover of the Study Skills Handbook, by Stella Cottrell

For example,

to find The Study Skills Handbook by Stella Cottrell, go to iFind, enter “cottrell” and “study” in the search box (making sure you’re under the Books & more tab!) and click the Search button:

Screen clipping of the iFind search box

(If your list of results is too long just add an extra word from the Title.)

If the Library has purchased this book, a record for it will appear in your results list.

(NB:  Occasionally, when the Library has multiple editions of a book, their records will be grouped together.  Just click on View 4 versions to display the individual records.)

Screen clipping of an iFind result for The Study Skills Handbook

If the Library has purchased the book in print, you will see a link called Library below the record.  Click on this to see what we have, where it is and how to get hold of it:

Screen clipping of iFind record for The Study Skills Handbook

In the panel which appears, you can:

  • see which Library (or libraries) you can find the book at
  • check that there are copies of it available there
  • make a note of the book’s call number (the combination of letters and numbers under the Library’s name)
  • and click on the corresponding Locate link to see a floor plan of where the book is in the Library

Detailed iFind record of The Study Skills Handbook; includes number of copies availble

If a copy is available,

make a note of the call numbercheck the floor plan to see the Level and Wing of the Library that the book is shelved in, and make your way to the shelves.

Floor map of Level 1 West in Singleton Park Library

In the case of our example, the floor plan tells you that

the Singleton Park Library copy of Stella Cottrell’s The Study Skills Handbook 

has a call number  LB2395 .C6 2013

and is on the shelves on Level 1 in the West Wing of the Library.


Once at the shelves, look for the call number on the spines of the books.

NB:  On the spine of the book, LB2395 .C6 2013 will appear




Next, take the book to one of the Self-Issue Units and follow the on-screen instructions.  (You will find the Units near the Information Desk.)

Any problems, throughout any of the steps so far, please ask at the Information Desk.

You can now take the book home and keep it until you are either finished with it or another user requests it.  Please keep an eye on your student email account for any communications from the Library regarding the books you have on loan.  If the book is recalled, please return it to the Library within 7 days, so as not to incur any fines.


If all copies are out on loan,

place a request for the book to be returned to the library so that you can borrow it.     (To do this you would need to login to iFind.)

Screen clipping showing the Request option on an item in iFind

If you cannot find the book on iFind the Library may not own a copy.

You can suggest a book for purchase and the Library will consider your request in the context of your course requirements.

If you are unable to make it to the Library to collect your book,

there are a number of things the Library can do to help make life a little easier.


Some of our books are also available as an ebook.  Our next post, tomorrow, will explain how to access the full text of your chosen book without ever having to set foot in the Library!

See you then!

November 13th, 2018

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