Did you know that as well as the books on the library shelves, we also have access to many electronic full text titles? This can be useful if there is high demand for a title, since it gives more people a chance to access it. It also means you do not need to come into the library to look for it, since you can access them from wherever you are.

Reading lists

If there are eBook versions of any of the books on your reading list on Blackboard, then you should be able to click on the link there and access it via iFind:

Screen clipping from a reading list

Screen clipping of iFind results

Finding E-Books

All our e-books are in the library catalogue (http://ifind.swan.ac.uk – or access via “iFind” on MyUni).

As explained on Day One, search by keyword or topic on the “Books & more” tab. When viewing the results, use the “Show only” filter on the left for “Full Text Online”:

Screen clipping of iFind results showing the Full Text Online option at the left of the screen

Then scroll down to the “Resource Type” filter and select “Books”:

Screen clipping showing the iFind option to refine results to show just Books

When searching iFind, if there is an eBook version, you will see the Online option

Screen clipping showing the Online feature under book details in iFind

At Swansea University, we have different suppliers/web platforms for our eBooks.

Each of these sites looks and behaves a bit differently but with these common features:

  • They are all accessible on and off campus using a Swansea University login and password.
  • They all restrict printing or saving pages as a PDF to a percentage of the book due to
  • We do not subscribe to all the books on the site: the titles we have are usually in the library catalogue.

Need more information or help?

Go to our handy library guide:


Or ask your friendly subject librarians!

Subject teams

November 14th, 2018

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